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We Had the “Lime” of Our Lives

Last weekend Marc and I went to Niagara Falls (my hometown…love it there) for one of my best friend’s engagement party! It was absolutely wonderful…the perfect combination of classy and comfortable, which is just how I would describe the couple…well, that and absolutely hilarious! Sadly, we didn’t take too many photographs of the food because […]

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Food Packaging

Richer colors indicate a richer flavor… Lighter suggests lighter types of foods.

I never really thought there was a method for their packaging madness but I guess I was wrong. (link)

Take 5 and Make Garlic Even Healthier

I had no idea that you should wait 5 minutes before cooking your chopped garlic in order receive its full health benefits.  I have always been a crush and cook kind of girl.  I found this wonderful tip on Joyous Heath, a great blog I have been reading for a few months now.  Apparently, chopping or crushing stimulates the enzymatic process that converts the phytonutrient allicin into allicin, a compound to which many of garlic’s health benefits are attributed. Letting it sit brings out all the goodness!

To read more garlic tips on Joyous Health click here!


Make Your Own Veggie Chips

Nat and I defo have to try these! (link)

No Longer Feeling Bleu

We finally decided to stop putting off our food blog and get this show on the road.  We’ve been talking about it for a few months now and it’s time for our first post. So, what better time to start then while eating a fantastic brunch to aid us with our recovery from a post-wedding […]

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