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Banana Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Muffins

I have posted muffin recipes before, but they all tend to taste “healthy.” That is fine, but I love the idea of not noticing so much.  After many batches of muffins (Marc had no complaints!), I finally came up with this recipe, which I think is pretty darn tasty. They are great for snacks, dessert […]

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Wine Pairing Infographic

A complicated infographic was posted on Reddit a while ago and then “likeALLthekittehs” broke it down and made it easier to read. We don’t follow this verbatim, but we like to think we know what we’re doing. (link)

How to Make Your Grocceries Last Longer

Buzzfeed has a good list of how to make your food last longer, many of which I didn’t know about. Check it out and help your food survive a little longer. Now I gotta go and do #21, Nat’s been bugging me to do it for a few weeks. (link)

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