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When is it OK to Eat Moldy Cheese?

As we’ve stated before, Nat & I love cheese. It’s a must-have in our household and we once had a DEFCON 2 type emergency when we ran out before our weekly grocery trip.  Anyways, here’s a nice list of what cheeses are OK to eat once the moldy part has been removed.  From looking at the list it looks like soft cheeses are to be thrown out if there’s mold and hard cheeses are OK to eat once you cut off the mold. (link)

Lemon & Mushroom Arugula Salad

Marc and I love this salad. It is so simple. All you need is arugula, a lemon, olive oil, mushrooms and parmesan cheese.  We have made this salad for many people and it is a light and healthy side for any meal. Ok, this is our first recipe post. We didn’t choose this salad for […]

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