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Inglorious Fruits and Vegetables

Just because your fruit and veg aren’t perfect looking doesn’t mean they can’t be delicious. We just read that Loblaws is going to start selling imperfect & misshapen apples and potatoes at a discount to help curb food waste. While we wish they’d expand it to other fruits and veg, it’s a start. It reminded me of a small video about a grocer in France doing a similar thing. More stores should do it. (link)

Everything You Need to Know About Strawberries

Marc and I love berries, especially on our cereal in the morning. More often than not we bring home some beautiful berries and they don’t even survive the day. I usually freeze them as they start to turn. Check out this great article on how to select, cook and freeze strawberries! (link) P.S. Serious Eats is an excellent website. I dare you to try to read it without drooling!

Fruit Wash Labels

How cool is this? A fruit label that turns into soap when you wash it.  No more peeling stickers off your apples, but you can still do that if you want. (link)

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