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Cook-off #1: Pizza

Who loves pizza?! We do, we do! Once again, festivities full of good friends and delicious food brought us back to Niagara Falls (my hometown). My oldest and dearest friends and I share many things in common, one being food! If this all sounds familiar it is probably because you read the post about Chiara […]

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A New Way to Reheat Pizza

We love day old cold pizza, who doesn’t? But there are times when I want a warm pizza again.  You could try to microwave it but that just leaves the bread soggy and chewy.  Lately I’ve been putting it in our toaster-oven for a few minutes but next time we have leftover pizza I’m going to try a reheating it with skillet. (link)

Defina Pizza

So for my birthday meal we decided to try Barque , a local BBQ smokehouse which has been getting good reviews from friends.  The only problem is that we didn’t make a reservation soon enough so we showed up and hoped to get a seat.  After being told it would be a 45 minute wait […]

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