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Inglorious Fruits and Vegetables

Just because your fruit and veg aren’t perfect looking doesn’t mean they can’t be delicious. We just read that Loblaws is going to start selling imperfect & misshapen apples and potatoes at a discount to help curb food waste. While we wish they’d expand it to other fruits and veg, it’s a start. It reminded me of a small video about a grocer in France doing a similar thing. More stores should do it. (link)

The Difference Between How You Cook and How Companies Cook For You

A great little video that I found on Lifehacker. The moral of the video is that no matter what you eat, it’s usually healthier to cook for yourself then it is to let big companies prepare food for you.

Watch an Egg Get Poached from Underwater

GoPros are everywhere these days, even in a pot of boiling water.

The Hardest Test You’ve Never Heard Of

I knew that sommeliers were very knowledgible and good ones are worth their weight in gold. But I didn’t know that the test was this stressful. (link)

My Potato Project

Ok, it’s not my potato project, but this little kid did one and quickly found out the effects that pesticides have have on food.  Would you want to buy vegetables that couldn’t grow roots? (link) (via by friend Blue)


This Video Will Change Your Diet

I’ll admit it, Nat is the driving force of our diet. She wanted to eat healthier so we buy more vegetables and since she used to be a vegetarian, we don’t buy a lot of meat. I’m not saying I used eat unhealthy, I just didn’t eat as much of vegetables as I should.

Having seen this video and hearing Dr. Terry Wahls talk about how much changing her diet helped her with her MS, I’m now a changed man. She had trouble walking at one point and was afraid of becoming bed-ridden. She researched and edited her diet and is now back to being very functional. TED talks are amazing. (link)

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