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Kale Chips are Addictive!

I finally tried to make Kale Chips! It was a complete success, although I will probably make a few changes next time. Kale is a super food, packed full of vitamins. So, if you generally like greens and you LOVE chips (a big weakness for me. Marc has much more self control), then give this […]

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Easy & Healthy Banana, Apple, Cranberry Muffins

I love muffins. When I was little my Mom used to make chocolate chip or oatmeal muffins as treat. I loved the days I would wake up to the smell of muffins (on a school day too!).  I would race downstairs to warm muffins, slice on open and top it with butter. Heaven. Now, I […]

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Lemon & Mushroom Arugula Salad

Marc and I love this salad. It is so simple. All you need is arugula, a lemon, olive oil, mushrooms and parmesan cheese.  We have made this salad for many people and it is a light and healthy side for any meal. Ok, this is our first recipe post. We didn’t choose this salad for […]

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