Marc and Nat are a food loving couple that live in the High Park area of Toronto and decided to blog about their love of food.

Why Food NA·RC?
NA·RC is just a short-form that Nat & Marc created for themselves. It started when we created a children’s book on Blurb for a friend’s baby shower and credited the book to NA·RC Publishing as a joke.

How often do you intend to post?
We don’t intend to post daily, more so when we create something or come across a good meal. We’re not planning to force ourselves to blog with a consistent frequency but we’ll try to keep things moving along.

What kind of food do you intend to post about?
We enjoy all kinds of food, but we really enjoy “healthifying” comfort foods. We are also developing an interest in clean living – organic and locally grown food. That being said who doesn’t enjoy a plate of dirty nachos or mac ‘n’ cheese once in a while! You will also find a lot of quick and easy recipes with simple ingredients. Cooking should be easy and fun!

What’s with the weird rating system icon?
We are not sure if you can tell from the icons, but they’re badges. Our original logo for the site was a police badge themed logo to play on the whole narc part of the site’s name. When the design changed in the planning stages we decided to keep the badges for shits n’ giggles.