Last weekend Marc and I went to Niagara Falls (my hometown…love it there) for one of my best friend’s engagement party! It was absolutely wonderful…the perfect combination of classy and comfortable, which is just how I would describe the couple…well, that and absolutely hilarious!

The happy couple, Chiara & Jason.

Sadly, we didn’t take too many photographs of the food because we were too busy eating, drinking, dancing, singing (yes, singing) and having a blast. Most of the photographs were actually taken after the food had been attacked and people were well on their way to having to unbutton their pants.  But, let me tell you…the food…ALL the food…was absolutely delicious. The couple has the most amazing sense of humour and a GREAT attention to detail. The theme of the party was based on a “lime” because that magical little fruit literally brought them together approximately 9 years ago. They tell it best, but the short version of the story has Chiara shoving a lime up one side of a random guy’s (Jason) pant leg and down the other at a bar in Ottawa.  I will leave the rest up to your imagination!

These were the loot-bags for the boys.

The drinks consisted of Corona, Bud Light Lime (to go with the lime theme) and homemade red wine and white wine from Peller Estates. Now, on to the food. Everything was a comfort classic and there were literally three rooms full of food. Each item was described on little hand written cards that said who made the dish and why it was a comfort food favourite of the couple. The food ranged from black beans, lasagna, chicken cutlets,  empanadas, Hostess BBQ chips, garlic bread, pork rinds (I tried a pork grind for the first time…I didn’t love it, but I get it) and so much more! A big favourite was Maria’s, Chiara’s mother, dishes.  She may have changed my indifference to black beans and the Arroz con Gandules was a big winner at our table!

Marc only needed one plate.

The desert was absolute perfection! Jason’s mother  made bite-sized chocolate cookies, chocolate cake with handmade flowers and mini-key-lime cupcakes.  I  have never had cake like that in my life. She should stop what she is doing and open up a bakery. Also, let’s not forget Jason’s famous candied pecans. I think I had about 2 handfuls to myself. They get me every time!

These two know how to throw a magical party and the food was so good that I couldn’t resist when offered (Maria forced us…twist our rubber arms) a plate to take home. Thank you Chiara and Jason for sharing this day with Marc and I and THANK YOU to you and your families for putting together such an amazing party full of delicious food, tons of laughs and a little edge with that visit from the police…haha. We wish you a life full of happiness and everything in between!