Who loves pizza?! We do, we do!

Once again, festivities full of good friends and delicious food brought us back to Niagara Falls (my hometown). My oldest and dearest friends and I share many things in common, one being food! If this all sounds familiar it is probably because you read the post about Chiara and Jason’s engagement party.

In honour of Carly’s very belated birthday, we decided to have our first cook-off and pizza was our first challenge. There were two restrictions. We all used the same gluten free crust and goat or sheep’s milk cheese.

Team 1: Chiara and Jason

These two are seasoned professionals. There pizza was creative and absolutely delicious! The pizza included olive oil, honey, pear, toasted walnuts, roasted garlic, olive oil and rosemary and Yukon gold potatoes.

Team 2: Carly, Katie and Adam

They played the meat card and it was amazing. The pizza was topped with chorizo sausage, roasted heirloom plum tomatoes, chili flakes and manchego cheese.

Team 3: Marc and I

We wanted to do something different and when I started looking for combos they were inspired by goat cheese. I found the topping combination on a blog called East Village Kitchen.  Our pizza was topped with olive oil, fresh basil, goat cheese, caramelized onions, granny smith apples and had a balsamic reduction drizzled on top. It was great and we were happy with the combo.

We set some ground rules for the contest, no team was allowed to judge their own creation and that each pizza would be rated on three categories – presentation, taste and creativity. After a round of voting there was a tie between two pizzas and sadly, neither of them was ours.  We all cast one more vote to pick the winner, and the winner was…….. TEAM 2!

Carly and Adam worked really hard on creating the trophy! It was awesome. At first, Marc and I were ok with coming in last, but once we saw the trophy, we switched to sad because we wanted to take it home… sore losers I guess.  Next time, the trophy is ours!

Congrats to Team 2! (Carly, Adam & Katie)