Introducing…BIG BIRD…our awesome new cookie jar!

Marc and I have been looking for a funny one for awhile and now the hunt is officially over!

Actually, he isn’t new at all (but, new to our house) as he has been in my family for over 25 years.  He was made by my big brother Chris (or as he likes to call himself “my Hero”). When Chris was a kid he took ceramics…no joke! And, as you can see, he was really good. He did have some help from the other students (mostly older ladies looking for a new hobby), but I think it was pretty awesome that he took ceramics even if it was only until he was introduced to sports.  He made a few other cool things, including a Darth Vader lamp.  Sadly, it broke quite awhile ago.  Man, I would have loved to have that lamp, but Big Bird will due just fine!

Anyway, Chris was nice enough to allow me to “use” it until he needs it back (which will probably be never).  At least, that was how I propositioned him. I have always loved this cookie jar.

Thanks Hero!