Like most people, I have been loving this early spring…late bursts of winter have been replaced with budding trees and fragrant flowers.  And the sun…I always underestimate what a good dose of vitamin D can do to your mood.  The city has never been so cheery!

Yet, less than 100 km away, Ontario farmers, who provide us with inexpensive and delicious local fruits and vegetables, aren’t  loving this warm weather.  Instead, they are dealing with an agricultural crisis; an early spring mixed with frost has left their crops damaged.  While farmers will be trying to keep their farms in operation, we will be faced with a price increase, which will probably sway some people to buy imported produce instead of local to save a buck or two.  I am going to continue to buy local whenever possible. Biting into a local juicy peach under the sun is worth it!

Check out this post by Tiffany Mayer of Eating Niagara to find out more about the farming crisis (link)