Last week Nat and I had an opportunity to try out a newer restaurant in the Junction, Cantina, with some friends. It technically opened up in 2013 but we didn’t noticed it until last spring and have been waiting for an excuse to try it out. Having dinner with some good friends who we haven’t seen in a long time is always a good excuse.


We started off the meal with some homemade quac and chips and they didn’t last long. The guac was on the smooth side, where I prefer some lumps in my quac, but it was still good.

For mains, Nat ordered a couple tacos; the Al Pastor (marinated pork) and Verduna (corn and poblano rajas). She thought they were ok but a little hard to pick up due to sogginess. After taking a bite of what I had, she felt that my dish was the winner. I went for a bit more of a gluttonous dish and ordered a massive street-style burrito. I have a weakness for burritos and fill it with Mexican chorizo, top it with an egg… I’m in my happy place.

Overall the meal was really good and we would recommend it to anyone. We can’t wait to go back there.