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An Early Spring is Not Good for Everyone

Like most people, I have been loving this early spring…late bursts of winter have been replaced with budding trees and fragrant flowers.  And the sun…I always underestimate what a good dose of vitamin D can do to your mood.  The city has never been so cheery!

Yet, less than 100 km away, Ontario farmers, who provide us with inexpensive and delicious local fruits and vegetables, aren’t  loving this warm weather.  Instead, they are dealing with an agricultural crisis; an early spring mixed with frost has left their crops damaged.  While farmers will be trying to keep their farms in operation, we will be faced with a price increase, which will probably sway some people to buy imported produce instead of local to save a buck or two.  I am going to continue to buy local whenever possible. Biting into a local juicy peach under the sun is worth it!

Check out this post by Tiffany Mayer of Eating Niagara to find out more about the farming crisis (link)


How to Peel a Potato

I hate peeling potatoes. I am all thumbs and I fear that one day I will peel a layer of skin off a finger.

Check out this great video on how to peel a cooked potato without a peeler (link).  They show the peeler version first so skip ahead for the amazing ice water trick.

After seeing this, I predict a potato salad recipe sometime soon.  BBQ season is just around the corner!

How to Ripen a Banana

Check out this great post about how to ripen a banana quickly! (link)

I bake with bananas often so I will definitely be using this trick! If you want to rippen them slowly, put them in a paper bag. Marc showed me this trick a while back and it works well.



Eat Basil!

Marc and I will be growing a small potted garden on our balcony again this year.  Last year, we had chives, chocolate mint, rosemary, basil and oregano.  We found that we used the chives, mint and basil the most. and, often times, we had to wait for more to grow before digging in.  This year, we plan to grow double of each and we may also add some tomatoes and hot peppers.

Here is a great article from Green Lemonade about basil and why you should include it in  your diet for more reasons than it tastes amazing! (link)

The Hardest Test You’ve Never Heard Of

I knew that sommeliers were very knowledgible and good ones are worth their weight in gold. But I didn’t know that the test was this stressful. (link)

My Potato Project

Ok, it’s not my potato project, but this little kid did one and quickly found out the effects that pesticides have have on food.  Would you want to buy vegetables that couldn’t grow roots? (link) (via by friend Blue)


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