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When is it OK to Eat Moldy Cheese?

As we’ve stated before, Nat & I love cheese. It’s a must-have in our household and we once had a DEFCON 2 type emergency when we ran out before our weekly grocery trip.  Anyways, here’s a nice list of what cheeses are OK to eat once the moldy part has been removed.  From looking at the list it looks like soft cheeses are to be thrown out if there’s mold and hard cheeses are OK to eat once you cut off the mold. (link)

This Video Will Change Your Diet

I’ll admit it, Nat is the driving force of our diet. She wanted to eat healthier so we buy more vegetables and since she used to be a vegetarian, we don’t buy a lot of meat. I’m not saying I used eat unhealthy, I just didn’t eat as much of vegetables as I should.

Having seen this video and hearing Dr. Terry Wahls talk about how much changing her diet helped her with her MS, I’m now a changed man. She had trouble walking at one point and was afraid of becoming bed-ridden. She researched and edited her diet and is now back to being very functional. TED talks are amazing. (link)

How to Peel Garlic in Less than 10 Seconds

I’ve never had to peel an entire head of garlic at once but I’ll be sure to try this the next time I need lots of garlic. This is one of those kitchen secrets that could save your sanity. (link)

9 Things You Can Do With Paper Towels

I’d like to add a tenth thing, clean up spilt liquids. (link)

A New Way to Reheat Pizza

We love day old cold pizza, who doesn’t? But there are times when I want a warm pizza again.  You could try to microwave it but that just leaves the bread soggy and chewy.  Lately I’ve been putting it in our toaster-oven for a few minutes but next time we have leftover pizza I’m going to try a reheating it with skillet. (link)

Expiry Dates

Nat and I used to see differently on expiry dates. I tend to ignore them and wait for the food to go visibly bad before throwing it out, she used to be hardcore about the dates. Over time we’ve met somewhere in the middle.

Dates on food are guidelines more than deadlines.

Couldn’t agree more. (link)

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