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Brain Food

What food is good for you brain?  I like all of them except for coffee, which is gross. Nat loves coffee, so does that mean she has a better brain than me? Don’t answer that. (link)

Fruit Wash Labels

How cool is this? A fruit label that turns into soap when you wash it.  No more peeling stickers off your apples, but you can still do that if you want. (link)

Baby Gender Cake Parties

What the hell? You have a party where the cake tells you the gender of your baby? That’s just weird! (link)

The 10 Minute Rule

The length of time that you cook fish is dependent on its thickness (10min / inch).  I need to cook more fish. (link)

Foodly: the food search engine

We all love Google and they even have a recipe section, but sometimes you want a search engine that’s 100% recipes. It displays the recipes nicely too. (link)

10 Food Myths That Just Won’t Die

Really? Searing meat is a myth? My mind is blown.

However, in the book On Food and Cooking, Harold McGee finally makes a direct comparison between a seared piece of meat and an un-seared piece, both cooked with identical methods. The result was that the seared piece of meat actually retained fewer juices than the un-seared piece, and at the very least the searing did nothing to preserve the moisture inside the meat.

It also seems like dairy isn’t the only thing that’s good for your bones. (link)

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