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Weekend of Awesome!

Badminton…Beer Can Chicken…Bubbly…Bonfire! This past weekend we went to the Falls to see our dear friends, The Orsborns. You probably recognize them from our cooking competition events. We planned a weekend of “awesome,” which included a badminton tournament, BBQ and a bonfire. It was one of the best days we had all summer! Congratulations to […]

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Cook-off #2: Grilled Cheese

It took us a little over a year, but we finally had our second cook-off over the weekend! Each team brought their A-game and created some amazing sandwiches.  You can never go wrong with grilled cheese! Team 1: Chiara and Jason (The Lovers) These two took a thematic approach and made the ultimate Canadian grilled […]

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Don’t Waste the Stems!

I love broccoli, so much so that my mom had a problem getting me to eat anything but broccoli for a long while when I was a kid (I know…I am weird).  I would eat it plain, with lemon juice or covered in melted cheese (obviously my favourite way). When it comes to cutting broccoli […]

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How to Keep Your Produce Fresh – Longer!

Check out this great article from Fit Sugar on how to store your fresh fruits and vegetables (link). The pineapple tip was pretty impressive!

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A New Addition to Our Food Family!

Introducing…BIG BIRD…our awesome new cookie jar! Marc and I have been looking for a funny one for awhile and now the hunt is officially over! Actually, he isn’t new at all (but, new to our house) as he has been in my family for over 25 years.  He was made by my big brother Chris […]

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Christmas Party & Our First Turkey

Marc and I took down the Christmas decorations this past weekend (well, Marc did, while I baked delicious flourless peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies, which will be posted soon). I always hate taking down the decorations because I love Christmas. What can I say…I am a huge sucker for twinkle lights and kitsch. Our […]

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