Food Packaging

Richer colors indicate a richer flavor… Lighter suggests lighter types of foods.

I never really thought there was a method for their packaging madness but I guess I was wrong. (link)

Take 5 and Make Garlic Even Healthier

I had no idea that you should wait 5 minutes before cooking your chopped garlic in order receive its full health benefits.  I have always been a crush and cook kind of girl.  I found this wonderful tip on Joyous Heath, a great blog I have been reading for a few months now.  Apparently, chopping or crushing stimulates the enzymatic process that converts the phytonutrient allicin into allicin, a compound to which many of garlic’s health benefits are attributed. Letting it sit brings out all the goodness!

To read more garlic tips on Joyous Health click here!


Make Your Own Veggie Chips

Nat and I defo have to try these! (link)

No Longer Feeling Bleu

We finally decided to stop putting off our food blog and get this show on the road.  We’ve been talking about it for a few months now and it’s time for our first post. So, what better time to start then while eating a fantastic brunch to aid us with our recovery from a post-wedding (not ours!) hangover. Sounds like fun to us!

The Bleu Turtle Breakfast Bistro is a small unassuming restaurant in St Catharines that can sit about 35 people give or take. But as soon as you walk in you know they take breakfast seriously. We were previously introduced to The Bleu Turtle by some friends, Adam and Carly, and loved it! Thanks again guys!

This was a special Saturday brunch. Nat’s brother Josh just got married on Friday night (welcome to the family Lyndsay!).  It was a wonderful wedding, with many laughs and cocktails to be had by all. After sleeping on a very springy pull-out couch in the local Super 8 Hotel (classy!), we decided that our less than satisfying sleep needed to be followed by a VERY satisfying breakfast.

The Bleu Turtle focuses on using local Niagara foods whenever possible.  On this visit we couldn’t decide between savoury or sweet, so we ordered one of each with the intentions of sharing.  Our waitress quickly picked up on our idea and offered to spilt them for us, talk about customer service!

You’re curious to what we had, aren’t you? Well, our savoury dish was one that Nat had last time and was worth repeating on our second visit; a mushroom, truffle, & goat cheese omelet with home fries and honey wheat toast (on the right of the photo above).  I had a bit more of a sweet tooth on this morning and went for french toast with caramel mousse and oat crumble (on the left).

The omelet was light and fluffy, while the mushroom, truffles and goat cheese just melted in your mouth. The truffles were the big winner in this omelet – a perfect ratio.  It also came with buttery potatoes and a slice of honey wheat bread that was thick and dense – almost chewy.  The french toast was also thick cut (both loafs were made in-house and delicious) and covered with perfectly cooked apples and crumbly oats.  The whole dish tasted a little like a warm apple crumble, which is a NA·RC fav!  To add to the whole experience Jack Johnson was playing in the background, which made for a wonderful soundtrack to a lazy morning. Goodbye hangovers!

I think that it is clear to see that we love this place and would be eager to visit next time we are in the neighbourhood.  If you’re in the St Catharines area be sure to check it out at 215 St. Paul St. W.  We give Bleu Turtle 5 out of 5 badges. YUM!





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