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Junction Cantina

Last week Nat and I had an opportunity to try out a newer restaurant in the Junction, Cantina, with some friends. It technically opened up in 2013 but we didn’t noticed it until last spring and have been waiting for an excuse to try it out. Having dinner with some good friends who we haven’t […]

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Julie’s Cuban Restaurant

Marc and I went to Julie’s Cuban Restaurant a little while ago.  It is one of my favourite restaurants – amazing food, great service and a warm and cozy atmosphere. The restaurant is located on a residential street and used to be a convenience store. It is colourful, full of knick-knacks and covered in twinkle […]

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Origin(al) Brunch

A few weekends ago we got a chance to check out Origin, which is a new place which is getting some good reviews. Normally we wouldn’t go because it’s a little out of our brunch radius (it’s on the east side and we’re west siders) but when our good friends Chiara & Jason decided to […]

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Defina Pizza

So for my birthday meal we decided to try Barque , a local BBQ smokehouse which has been getting good reviews from friends.  The only problem is that we didn’t make a reservation soon enough so we showed up and hoped to get a seat.  After being told it would be a 45 minute wait […]

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No Longer Feeling Bleu

We finally decided to stop putting off our food blog and get this show on the road.  We’ve been talking about it for a few months now and it’s time for our first post. So, what better time to start then while eating a fantastic brunch to aid us with our recovery from a post-wedding […]

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